Introducing Soft Lift®



Introducing Soft Lift® Cordless Operating System

With a gentle touch, our new Soft Lift shade system allows precise manual height placement of your Tiger Window Fashions roller or zebra shade. We’ve made raising and lowering your shade effortless. Simply reach out and adjust up or down to any desired height without having to tug on the shade. A great new feature “designed for your lifestyle “, and convenience.

Pricing is an attractive $32 (MSRP) upgrade. Minimums on the Zebra program are 24 X 24 and depending on the fabric selected, our maximum is 72 X 75. We offer either a fabric wrapped or designer bottom rail depending on fabric weight and thickness.

On our Roller Shade program, we offer 24 X 24 minimum, and 80 X 80 maximum (depending on fabric selected). We offer either a hem bar, or a D30 bottom rail with the rollers. The shade can be produced with a cassette, or standard open roll.

This great price and innovative lift system is available now.