The Trevi® Collection
Fabric Roman Shades

The Trevi® Collection of Roman shades by Tiger Window Fashions combine the soft look of traditional fabric-fold roman shades that stack smoothly and evenly when raised with the operating ease and convenience of modern operating systems.

The Trevi® Collection of Roman Shades offers a wide array of unique fabrics and fabric styles, including silk, cotton and linen, different levels of light control, and when combined with our four shade styles, you can choose to bring an elegant, traditional look to your home or a more modern contemporary and relaxed appearance.

Control your shade with traditional cord-lock or bead-chain controls or with updated operating systems including child-safe cordless options and hands-free app controled Automate™ motorization. Create Custom Roman Shades Designed For Your Lifestyle with the Trevi® Collection of Roman Shades from Tiger Window Fashions.

Trevi Roman Shades Shades


Trevi® Roman Shade Styles

Piatto (Flat Style)
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Flat Roman Shades are perfect for large, bold or striped patterns. The flat folds have no stitching that would interfere with the patterns and the result is a tailored look that is perfect for a clean modern profile.

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Classico (Classic Style)
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Ribs are rigid dowels that support the sharp folds and pleats of a Roman or Hobbled shade. These ribs are placed in a pocket on the shade.

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Inverso (Reverse Classic Style)
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Pockets on the back of the shade hold support rods and form attractive seams on the front of the shade. Binded Pleat shades are not recommended with fabrics that have a pattern. They work best with solid or textured fabrics.

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Cascata (Waterfall Style)
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Soft flowing traditional folds that ripple down the face of the shade are usually called waterfall or hobbled roman shades. The flowing into the next fold creates a rich fullness to the look. They are also known as looped or teardrop shades.

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Bella Roman Shades

Additional Room Darkening Capabilities

The Bella line of Roman shades provide additional room darkening capabilities by having the fabric come off of the back of the shade, which further reduces any light gaps between the fabric and window frame.

  • Includes decorative valance.
  • Available in ONLY CORDED operating systems
  • Perfect for Bedrooms & Media rooms when you are looking for increased darkness.


Trevi® Roman Shade Operating Systems


The cord lock system is a basic way to raise and lower the shade and the cord is hidden behind the face fabric, easy to access, yet does not obscure the fabric design or pattern. There is a unique wrap around system and a break-away device making this is a child safe system.

Size limitation: 72" X 96"


Featuring Skyline™ Clutch Operating System

This lift system has a continuous loop of beaded chain to control raising and lowering the shade. The beaded chain comes with hold downs for child and pet safety. It operates smoothly and is easy to use. The installation of the chain hold-down bracket is needed for child safety.

Size limitation: 96" X 120"


Cordless shades have a classic style individual shade pull eliminating the need to touch the fabric. A clean, finished profile without the hazards of dangling or exposed cords results in child and pet safety.

Size limitation: 72" X 84"

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Featuring Automate™ Technology

Shades can be effortlessly be controlled using Automate™ Advanced Motorization Technology. With a push of a button, easily set favorites, group windows, and operate the shades from a mobile device* or remote control.

*Requires an Automate™ PULSE Hub

Size limitation: 96" X 96"


Trevi® Parma Collection - Brunetta - Deck 34 / Style 4

Roman Shade Fabric Cards.

These Digital Fabric Style Swatch Cards coincide with the Swatch Decks and Fabric Style Cards available in the Tiger Windows Fashions Trevi® Roman Shade Sample Kit.

Deck 1 - Sienna

Bone - RM001-01-A

Crema - RM001-01-B

Biscotti - RM001-01-C

Deck 2 - Sienna

Sand - RM001-02-D

Fresco - RM001-02-E

Caramel - RM001-02-F

Anchor - RM001-02-G

Deck 3 - Milan

Bianco - RM002-03-A

Latte - RM002-03-B

Stone - RM002-03-C

Deck 4 - Milan

Cappuccino - RM002-04-D

Dove - RM002-04-E

Acqua - RM002-04-F

Nero - RM002-04-G

Deck 5 - Amalfi

Ice - RM003-05-A

Vanilla - RM003-05-B

Flax - RM003-05-C

Deck 6 - Amalfi

Rana - RM003-06-D

Merlot - RM003-06-E

Eggplant - RM003-06-F

Deck 7 - Positano

Perla - RM004-07-A

Calm - RM004-07-B

Grain - RM004-07-C

Deck 8 - Positano

Lino - RM004-08-D

Argento - RM004-08-E

Pesto - RM004-08-F

Azur - RM004-08-G

Deck 9 - Roma

Dapper - RM005-09-A

Graphite - RM005-09-B

Charcoal - RM005-09-C

Deck 10 - Roma

Pepper - RM005-10-D

Liquorice - RM005-10-E

Notte - RM005-10-F

Fumo - RM005-10-G

Deck 11 - Genoa

Marble - RM006-11-A

Dolomite - RM006-11-B

Onyx - RM006-11-C

Deck 12 - Genoa

Moonstone - RM006-12-D

Granite - RM006-12-E

Rose Quartz - RM006-12-F

Marsala - RM006-12-G

Deck 13 - Florence

Diamond - RM007-13-A

Champagne - RM007-13-B

Deck 14 - Florence

Platinum - RM007-14-C

Gunmetal - RM007-14-D

Bronze - RM007-14-E

Deck 15 - Pisa

Sesame - RM008-15-A

Hazelnut - RM008-15-B

Acorn - RM008-15-C

Deck 16 - Pisa

Nutella - RM008-16-D

Sterling - RM008-16-E

Ash - RM008-16-F

Deck 17 - Lucca

Birch - RM009-17-A

Oak - RM009-17-B

Deck 18 - Lucca

Elm - RM009-18-C

Walnut - RM009-18-D

Cedar - RM009-18-E

Deck 19 - Bologna

Poppy - RM010-19-A

Chia - RM010-19-B

Deck 20 - Bologna

Heather - RM010-20-C

Oatmeal - RM010-20-D

Bran - RM010-20-E

Deck 21 - Turin

Gesso - RM011-21-A

Mocha - RM011-21-B

Deck 22 - Turin

Flint - RM011-22-C

Navy - RM011-22-D

Coal - RM011-22-E

Deck 23 - Palermo

Luce - RM012-23-A

Almond - RM012-23-B

Grana - RM012-23-C

Deck 24 - Palermo

Goldenrod - RM012-24-D

Grigio - RM012-24-E

Viola - RM012-24-F

Ardesia - RM012-24-G

Deck 25 - Verona

Farina - RM013-25-A

Pignoli - RM013-25-B

Crystal - RM013-25-C

Deck 26 - Verona

Cafe - RM013-26-D

Espresso - RM013-26-E

Pomodoro - RM013-26-F

Deck 27 - Sorrento

Zucchero - RM014-27-A

Amoretto - RM014-27-B

Mirtillo - RM014-27-C

Deck 28 - Sorrento

Crostini - RM014-28-D

Marrone - RM014-28-E

Anise - RM014-28-F

Deck 29 - Portofino

Blanca - RM015-29-A

Conch - RM015-29-B

Bronzo - RM015-29-C

Deck 30 - Portofino

Trieste - RM015-30-D

Ashen - RM015-30-E

Rosa - RM015-30-F

Deck 31 - Bari

Sombre - RM016-31-A

Oro - RM016-31-B

Deck 32 - Bari

Strato - RM016-32-C

Inchio - RM016-32-D

Auburn - RM016-32-E

Deck 33 - Parma

Luna - RM017-33-A

Asiago - RM017-33-B

Caprino - RM017-33-C

Deck 34 - Parma

Brunetta - RM017-34-D

Topo - RM017-34-E

Balena - RM017-34-F

Chianti - RM017-34-G

Deck 35 - Bellagio

Aglio - RM018-35-A

Rotelli - RM018-35-B

Cipolla - RM018-35-C

Deck 36 - Bellagio

Fungo - RM018-36-D

Peltro - RM018-36-E

Pepe - RM018-36-F