Solar Roller Shades

Light controlling woven vinyl mesh fabrics with excellent view-through characteristics.

Tiger Window Fashions

Shades that feature solar screen mesh provide heat and glare control as well as light management differently than traditional fabric choices. The woven mesh allows for control of heat and light while the unique see-through properties bring the outdoors in.

Darker colored fabrics have excellent see through and glare reduction properties, while lighter colored fabrics are best for heat management.

Solar Comparison Light Color vs Dark Color

Solar screen mesh fabric is available in a wide variety of colors, styles, and openness values to meet almost any criteria. Tiger Window Fashions roller shades feature smooth and dependable operating Skyline™ clutch technology, while the cordless versions feature Easy Spring Ultra advanced spring control. With a wide array of colors and operating system configurations, Tiger Window Fashions fabric rollers offer great versatility.

Office featuring Solar Shades

Varying Openess Values:

Varying openess values


Westgate - Bone - YN0001-01-A - Deck 2 - Solar Fabrics - 8% - 10% - 13% - Natural

Solar Roller Shade Fabric Cards.

These Digital Fabric Style Swatch Cards coincide with the Swatch Decks and Fabric Style Cards available in the Tiger Windows Fashions Sample Kit.


Straw - YS0001-01-A

Shale - YS0001-02-A


Dove - YS0002-01-A

Shadow - YS0002-02-A

Pewter - YS0002-03-A

Taupe - YS0002-04-A

Charcoal - YS0002-05-A

Steel - YS0002-06-A


Heather - YS0003-01-A

Cloud Gray - YS0003-02-A


Bone - YS0004-01-A

Parchment - YS0004-02-A

Shaker Beige - YS0004-03-A


Mist - YS0012-01-A

Fog - YS0012-02-A


Foil - YS0013-01-A

Steel Wool - YS0013-02-A


Stone - YS0005-01-A

Ember - YS0005-02-A


Crystal Gray - T436-1B

Vintage Gray - T436-2A

Espresso - T436-4L

Tinsel - T436-9A

Graphite - YS0006-01-A

Smokey Quartz - YS0006-02-A


Heather - YS0010-01-A

Dusty Gray - YS0010-02-A

Lava - YS0010-03-A

Flint - YS0010-04-A

Mocha - YS0010-05-A

Java - YS0010-06-A


Sandy - YS0007-01-A

Pebble - YS0007-02-A

Greige - YS0007-03-A

Coffee - YS0007-04-A

Gray Screen - YS0007-05-A

Lead - YS0007-06-A


White Oak - YS0009-01-A

White Birch - YS0009-02-A

Bark - YS0009-03-A

Ash - YS0009-04-A


Tawny Gray - YS0008-01-A

Tinsmith - YS0008-02-A

Shark Gray - YS0008-03-A

Anchor Gray - YS0008-04-A


Black Thread - YS0014-01-A

Iced Tea - YS0014-02-A

Gray Abyss - YS0014-03-A

Polished Silver - YS0014-04-A


Bone - YN0001-01-A

Dune - YN0001-02-A

Logan Gray - YN0001-03-A

Silver Strand

YN0002-01-A - Ivory Strand

Sienna Strands - YN0002-02-A

Charcoal Brown Strand - YN0002-03-A

Stone Stand - YN0002-04-A


Cream Quartz - YN0003-01-A


Calcite - YN0004-01-A

Pyrite Gray - YN0004-02-A

Charcoal Brown - YN0004-03-A


Natural Oak - YN0005-01-A