Reverse Roll

For a sleek and minimal look, reverse roll installations allow the shade material to fall forward from the shade roll. This type of installation will also create a larger light gap between the shade and the window. For better light blocking, the regular roll is recommended as it reduces the gap between the shade and the window.

*Option only available for the standard Skyline Open Ended operating system.

Reverse Roll

Bead Chains

All systems come standard with metal bead chains, available in three colors.

Available Colors:
Hardware Colors

Chain Stops

Bead Chain Safety Device

A durable, Child Safe bead chain tension mechanism engineered to ensure smooth and reliable performance.

*Only available in clear plastic.

Card image cap

Bead Chains. Nickel over Steel (left) and Antique Brown on Brass (right).

Bottom Rails

For Standard Roller Shades, choose between the D30 Aluminum bottom rail with color coordinated end caps or the Fabric Hem bar where an aluminum bar is seamed into the fabric, creating a uniform look. For Zebra shades you have a choice of the Aluminum Fabric Insert bottom rail where matching fabric is inserted showing only on the front of the bottom rail or the custom Tiger Window Fashions Fabric Wrapped bottom rail where matching fabric completely wraps around the entire bottom rail.

D30 Aluminum Bottom Rail
D30 Aluminum Bottom Rail
Fabric Hem Bar
Fabric Hem Bar Bottom Rail
Zebra Custom Designer
Zebra Custom Fabric Wrapped
Zebra Shade Custom Fabric Wrapped Bottom Rail

2-on-1 Headrail

Available for all all styles and operating system including Automate™ Motorization controls, 2-on-1 headrail configurations result in a neat & orderly look as well as allowing each shade to operate independently. (For more detailed information, please refer to your Dealer's Guide Book)

2-on-1 Headrail