Zebra Roller Shades.
A distinctive alternative to horizontal blinds

Zebra Shades distinctive operating system allows you to seamlessly transition from light to privacy while adding handsome styling to any room.

Easy Spring Ultra Wand Cordless Fabric Roller Shade

With the two layers of fabrics lined up over each other, the shade offers total privacy. Then, by using the selected operating system of the shade, the layers can be separated allowing just a hint of light all the way to a fully striped look. And by rolling up the shade in a traditional manner, you can have a fully open space similar to customary shades.

Our transitional Zebra Shades are a modern decorating alternative that allows true window styling along with functional light control.

All Tiger Window Fashions Zebra Roller Shades utilize the Skyline™ Cassette system. Corded versions feature smooth and dependable operating Skyline™ clutch technology, while the cordless versions feature simple and easy to use spring technology. With a wide array of colors and sizes plus fabric insert valance options, Tiger Window Fashions Zebra Roller Shades offer greater versatility in appearance and installation.




Stratus - Toast - YZ015-04-A - Deck 5 - Zebra Fabrics

Zebra Roller Shade Fabric Cards.

These Digital Fabric Style Swatch Cards coincide with the Swatch Decks and Fabric Style Cards available in the Tiger Windows Fashions Sample Kit.


Milk Shake - YZ001-01-A

Pearl White - YZ001-02-A

Umber - YZ001-03-A

Slate - YZ001-04-A

Graphite - YZ001-05-A


Off White Linen - YZ002-01-A

Ivory Linen - YZ002-02-A


Gray Sky - YZ003-01-A

Rice - YZ003-02-A

Oatmeal - YZ003-03-A

Midnight - YZ003-04-A

Chrome - YZ003-05-A

Platinum - YZ003-06-A

Silver Fox - YZ003-07-A

Gray Wick - YZ003-08-A


Light Gray - YZ004-01-A

Caramel - YZ004-02-A

Steely Gray - YZ004-03-A


White Wash - YZ005-01-A

Latte - YZ005-02-A

Suntan - YZ005-03-A

Chocolate - YZ005-04-A

Black Licorice - YZ005-05-A


Almond - YZ006-01-A

Natural Tan - YZ006-02-A

Oak - YZ006-03-A

Cherry - YZ006-04-A

Walnut - YZ006-05-A


Aspen White - YZ007-01-A

Creamery - YZ007-02-A

Dover Gray - YZ007-03-A

Dark Chocolate - YZ007-04-A

Storm Cloud - YZ007-05-A


Snow - YZ008-01-A

Marshmallow - YZ008-02-A

White Gold - YZ008-03-A

Gray Link - YZ008-04-A

Hot Chocolate - YZ008-05-A

Jet Black - YZ008-06-A

Madison Pinstripe

Simply Gray - YZ009-01-A

Burnished Iron - YZ009-02-A

Onyx - YZ009-03-A


Beige Haze - YZ010-01-A

Chromium - YZ010-02-A

Bronze - YZ010-03-A

Lead - YZ010-04-A

Carbon - YZ010-05-A


Aurora White - YZ011-01-A

Ivory Tusk - YZ011-02-A

Silt - YZ011-03-A

Glacier Gray - YZ011-04-A

Midnight - YZ011-05-A


Snow Shoe - YZ012-01-A

Oat - YZ012-02-A

Sandy Copper - YZ012-03-A

Gray Cement - YZ012-04-A

Brazil Nut - YZ012-05-A


Vanilla - YZ013-01-A

Buttercream - YZ013-02-A

Nougat - YZ013-03-A

Caramel - YZ013-04-A

Toffee - YZ013-05-A

Teal - YZ013-06-A


White Powder - YZ014-01-A

Ivory - YZ014-02-A

Beige Buff - YZ014-03-A

Brown - YZ014-04-A

Khaki - YZ014-05-A

Gray Matter - YZ014-06-A


Vanilla - YZ015-01-A

Gray Marble - YZ015-02-A

Taupe - YZ015-03-A

Toast - YZ015-04-A


Natural Linen - YZ016-01-A

Natural Charcoal - YZ016-02-A